Tapered Roller Bearing Cones FAQS

QWhat is the advantage about Insulated bearing?

AElectrically insulated bearings can avoid damage caused by electrical corrosion, so they can be used in motors to ensure more reliable operation than ordinary bearings. It is more cost effective and reliable than other insulation methods such as shaft or housing insulation. Insulated bearings have the same dimensions and basic technical features as non-insulated bearings and are therefore 100% interchangeable.

QWhat is about angular contact bearing accuracy grade?

AAngular contact ball bearing accuracy grades include dimensional tolerances and rotational accuracy. The accuracy is expressed from low to high as P0 (normal), P6 (P6X), P5, P4, and P2. In addition, European and American brands also use P3, P7, and P9 to indicate the accuracy level, P3 is equivalent to the P6 level of the ISO and JIS standards, P7 is equivalent to the P4 level, and P9 is equivalent to the P2 level.

QHow to install bearings quickly and safely?

AAngular contact ball bearings are available in the selection of automatic contact models. The angular contact ball bearings are available in back-to-back, face-to-face and series arrangement. When installed back to back (the wide end faces of the two bearings are opposite), the contact angle of the bearing spreads along the direction of the rotation axis, which increases the radial and axial support angle rigidity and the maximum deformation resistance; face to face (the narrow end faces of the two bearings are opposite) When installed, the contact angle of the bearing converges toward the direction of the rotation axis, and the support angle is less rigid. Since the inner ring of the bearing protrudes from the outer ring, when the outer rings of the two bearings are pressed together, the original gap of the outer ring is eliminated, and the preload of the bearing can be increased; when the series arrangement (the wide end faces of the two bearings are in one direction) is installed The contact angles of the bearings are the same and parallel, so that the two bearings share the working load in the same direction. However, in order to ensure the axial stability of the installation when using this type of mounting, two pairs of bearings arranged in series must be mounted opposite each other at both ends of the shaft.

QWhat is thin-Section Ball Bearings product features?

AIn order to obtain low friction torque, high rigidity and good rotation accuracy of the bearing, a steel ball with a small outer diameter is used. The use of a hollow shaft ensures space for wiring and wiring. The thin-walled bearing realizes a very thin bearing cross section, and also realizes miniaturization and weight reduction of the product. The diversity of products extends the range of uses. The thin-walled 6700 and 6800 series are available in various dust cover types, flanged versions, stainless steel forms, and wide format.